Important Update: See Media Release 1/18/2018


Is a regional public safety agency

Responsible for providing countywide public safety two-way radio communications, fire station alert paging, radio dispatch consoles and our own wireless systems for Snohomish County, WA.

Is Radio Infrastructure

To make sure that firefighters, police, emergency medical personnel, search and rescue, 9-1-1 centers and many more can hear your calls for help, we deploy and maintain,

• 20+ transmitter towers
• More than 5,000 portable and vehicle radios
• Almost 40 radio dispatch consoles
• Over 200 base station transmitters
• 28 base station paging transmitters

Is the foundation of Snohomish County public safety communications

Almost 20 years ago community leaders came together to ensure your call to 911 is heard and brings help. As happens with most things, time has worn down this system making it less dependable and outdated. Aging equipment has led to outages including a failure in January that lasted nearly 20 minutes.

Compounding this problem is the lack of parts to replace failing components and manufacturers will stop supporting much of the equipment in 2020. Most jurisdictions similar in population to Snohomish County have already or are in the process of upgrading their emergency communication radio system. If Snohomish County leaves the system as it is, it will ultimately:

  • Delay life-saving services
  • Increase safety risk to citizens & first responders
  • Decrease communication & understanding of resources needed at an emergency

Quick action is needed to ensure that the radio system continues to hear your call and support our first responders and provide emergency response services to our community. Your safety and the safety of our first responders is SERS highest priority.

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