Important Update: See Media Release 1/18/2018


Is a regional public safety agency

We’re responsible for providing countywide public safety two-way radio communications, fire station alert paging, radio dispatch console systems and microwave linking systems for Snohomish County, WA.

Is Radio Infrastructure

To make sure that firefighters, police, emergency medical personnel, search and rescue, 9-1-1 centers and many more can respond to your calls, we deploy and maintain,

• Over 20 transmitter towers
• More than 5,000 portable and vehicle radios
• 40 radio dispatch consoles
• Over 200 base station transmitters
• 28 base station paging transmitters

Is the backbone for Snohomish County public safety communications

SERS has provided quality service to the community and first responders of Snohomish County for nearly 20 years. In that time, the system has become outdated and is nearing the end of it’s reliable life cycle. By 2020, replacement parts for the system will no longer be manufactured.

We have to act quickly to ensure that the radio system continues to support our first responders and provide emergency response services to our community. Your safety and the safety of our first responders is SERS highest priority.

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