SNO IO Groups

SNO CALL & SNO IO Regional Inter-Operability / Mutual Aid Talkgroups

The SNO CALL and SNO IO groups are intended for users coming into Snohomish County from our regional partner systems.

SNO CALL is intended as a general hailing group where responding units incoming to SnoCo from the region can reach a SnoCo PSAP and, if needed, be directed to switch to the appropriate SNO IO for their operation.

SNO IO groups are intended to be patched to the local group where the regional units are needed.  As such, SNO IO groups are generally not included in SERS subscriber programming.  However, SERS subscribers do have the IO groups of our regional partner systems, but only if the radio has had ‘2nd touch’ completed on it and the latest template programmed (at the time of this writing, 2nd touch is approximately 60% completed).

All of the groups described here are in addition to the SNO OPS groups, which SERS subscriber radios do have, regardless of the radio’s 2nd touch status.

Talkgroup Name
Motorola Decimal ID
Uniden Decimal ID
SNO CALL 803703 59248
SNO IO02 803705 59280
SNO IO03 803707 59312
SNO IO04 803711 59376
SNO IO05 803713 59408
SNO IO06 803715 59440
SNO IO07 803721 59536
SNO IO08 803723 59568
SNO IO09 803725 59600
SNO IO10 803727 59632
SNO IO11 803735 59760
SNO IO12 803737 59792
SNO IO13 803739 59824
SNO IO14 803741 59856
SNO IO15 803743 59888
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