Scanner Programming

SERS does not provide support for programming scanners, but we can give you some general, scanner vendor-neutral, tips…

  • The SERS system is fully rebanded; your scanner firmware must supported the rebanded 800 MHz spectrum; check with the manufacturer for more information
  • At a minimum, and depending on your scanner, make sure all control channels for each site are programmed in your device
  • The simulcasts, even though they consist of multiple sub-sites, are each considered one site; program accordingly
  • Be aware of which site your scanner is currently listening to; not all traffic is carried on all sites; there’s more information about traffic routing on the Talkgroup Resource Allocation page
  • Programming each site into separate banks may allow you better control over which site you’re listening to and therefore which radio traffic you’ll receive
  • In most cases, IR sites will only carry traffic for official radios that are currently affiliated to that site; if there are no radios affiliated to that site there may be no traffic heard at all, or only specific talkgroups
  • Program all channels for IR sites

If you require additional assistance, check out some of the many online forums dedicated to scanner enthusiasts.

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