SERS End-User Radio Replacement

Before your agency purchases those new radios, check with SERS.

Reach the techs at

SERS will help your agency identify what flashcode option (the code that identifies what features are enabled by the factory) you’ll need to order for the radio to work on our system, as well as neighboring systems.  The flashcode goes far beyond the model number printed on the front of the radio.

Furthermore, we want to make sure you don’t miss features that your people need, such as encryption for special police operations or dynamically adjusting audio profiles for fire.  We also wouldn’t want you to buy features you don’t need or can’t even use on our system.

If you are unsatisfied with your current re-seller, would like to find out if you’re setup to buy through a re-seller or direct from the manufacturer or have questions about what you need to order, contact our staff at using your department email account.

Radios purchased from unauthorized sources frequently arrive with insufficient or incorrect options required to operate.

SERS in no way benefits from orders placed by our subscribing agencies.
We do, however, benefit from having happy subscribers!

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