BDA/DAS Authorization to Re-Transmit

In-Building Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA) /

Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)

In addition to complying with all related national, state and local fire and building code, all BDA/DAS installations re-transmitting public safety radio in Snohomish County must be inspected/commissioned by SERS prior to it being powered up, which includes being powered up for post-installation testing.

This section of the SERS website contains information you will need to know, and the actions you must take, before installing and/or placing a Bi-Directional Antenna (BDA) or Distributive Antenna System (DAS) into service within Snohomish County.

Step 1

Before construction begins:  download the “Letter of Provisional Authorization”, fill in the details, print and sign form, then return to  Form can be completed electronically but requires either a digital or written signature.  Typed names in signature fields will not be accepted.

Step 2

Before you’re ready for turn-up (initial power-on of the BDA or DAS), SERS staff must do a walk-through inspection to confirm the coverage meets the design criteria.  Schedule a SERS inspection by emailing your request to
Please provide at least 72 hours notice.

Afterward, SERS will provided a ‘Letter of Final Approval’.

Step 3

The Federal Communications Commission, FCC, now requires building owners to register these devices.

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